Smart Customer Loyalty & Engagement platform

  • Cross-Marketing platform
  • Big Data Analytics
Smart Customer Loyalty & Engagement platform

Consumer-focused Technology enhancing Project Offering

Consumer-focused Technology enhancing Project Offering

  • Smart Project & Smart Home Automation system
  • Smart Security & Mobile Video Door System

Cost reduction through efficient solutions

  • Expensive hardware replacement
  • Lowered cost for lead generation
Cost reduction through efficient solutions

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Customer loyalty and engagement
Lead generation through referral
Introducing new offerings to existing customers
A platform inducing branding, recall and customer interests

Like any other business, introducing customer loyalty and referrals can do wonders for real estate.

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Project Automation
Mobile-based Smart Management solution
Automated accounting and billing
Resident/Customer convenience

Efficient building management compliments the quality of lifestyle and superior living experience driving customer satisfaction.

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Convenient booking and scheduling
Automated usage-based billing
Rights-based access
Remote monitoring

Everything about the Clubhouse at the push of a button.Information, scheduling and more.

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Video door phone on mobile
Remote surveillance
In/Out movement tracking of visitors, vehicles, staff and goods
Multi-layer authentication

A secured environment is built using the right security systems in addition to manpower. A security management solution that further elevates the security systems and helps in going paperless and digital.

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Customized solutions for each apartment
Wireless technology and retro-fitting
Control light/switches appliances
Sensors and motion detectors

Varied customers’ varied needs in home automation made easier to manage.Through our solution that is integrated on a handheld device for anywhere, anytime control.

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Essential services on finger tips
Integrated e-Commerce facilities
Hyper local directory listings
Chat based support

A virtual access to everything required daily, at the fingertips. Your customers can’t be happier!

The need for efficient selling needs quick reference to inventories and more by your Sales Team. Our solution brings in centralized and mobile control and management of project inventory(ies).

  1. Mobile, real-time inventory update
  2. Track sales team and agent performance
  3. Advanced analytics tool
  4. Easy to set-up
Sales Inventory Management

Managing property operations efficiently requires a robust tool to make information readily available for analysis, better control and optimization. Given the complex nature and high cost of property management, the same if not executed appropriately compels a need of using such tools.

  1. Centralized energy and infrastructure building management systems (BMS)
  2. Advanced analytics and Business Intelligence
  3. Reports-based maintenance review
  4. Easy to set-up
Property Management Solution
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