Enhanced Service Offering

  • Single interface building and property
  • Robust mobile helpdesk
Enhanced Service Offering

Solution to manage property

Solution to manage property

  • Efficient property integration
  • 24x7 access to centralized information

Management of building/society affairs

  • Single platform engaging community
  • Faster communication of affairs
Management of building/society affairs

Advanced Security tool

Advanced Security tool

  • Speedier home owners co-ordination
  • Comprehensive visitor tracking

Smart paperless administration

  • Software replacing manual paperwork
  • Mobile reference, efficient decisions
Smart paperless administration

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Project Automation
Mobile-based Smart Management solution
Ease of accounting and bill payment, priorities and escalations anytime, anywhere
Real-time reports and analytics

The right building management solution is crucial for the efficient operations and management of the campus and facilities. It directly compliments the quality of lifestyle and convenience for the residents.

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Convenient booking and scheduling
Automated usage-based billing
Rights-based access and remote monitoring
Easy set-up and customizable

An ideal club house management is a balance between its daily operations and its satisfied useability bythe residents and guests. An integrated platform at the push of a button can drive its management, information, usage scheduling and more.

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Automated billing and scheduling
Easy expenditure and receivables tracker
Financial statements and analytics
Compliances and reports for audit

Accounting is intricate to a campus and needs to be dealt with meticulously. Our solution not only brings in ease of records generation, tracking and execution but also helps the members pay on the go, makingproperty and facilities management easier.

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Video door phone on mobile
Remote surveillance
In/Out movement tracking of visitors, vehicles, staff and goods
Multi-layer authentication

A secured environment is built using the right security systems in addition to manpower. A security management solution that further elevates the security systems and helps in going paperless and digital.

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Managing property operations efficiently requires a robust tool to make information readily available for analysis, better control and optimization. Given the complex nature and high cost of property management, the same if not executed appropriately compels a need of using such tools.

  1. Centralized energy and infrastructure building management systems (BMS)
  2. Advanced analytics and Business Intelligence
  3. Reports-based maintenance review
  4. Easy to set-up
Property Management Solution
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